Leidy's Nature's Tradition

Souderton, PA

Leidy’s Brand Pork Products, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, specializes in producing local, all natural, antibiotic free pork products. Leidy’s has a long standing reputation of providing premium pork products to consumers for over 100 years.

To help meet the growing consumer demand for healthier eating, Leidy's developed Nature's Tradition Pork, which is 100% natural, and raised with no antibiotics or other additives ever. Nature’s Tradition animals are humanely raised under the guidelines of the American Humane Certified Program and provided with an all-natural vegetarian diet of the finest grains. Families can enjoy the natural, tender flavors and texture of the pork — and nothing else! Leidy’s Nature’s Tradition Pork is always flavorful, juicy and simply delicious!

Many of the farms raising animals for Leidy’s Nature’s Tradition Pork are located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The close proximity of farms and easy access to major cities of the northeast allows Leidy’s to provide the finest and freshest pork possible to consumers.

Look for Leidy's Nature's Tradition fresh pork products, and know that Leidy's is committed to providing you with wholesome, healthy, natural, great tasting pork.