Springer Mountain Farms

Baldwin, GA

For Springer Mountain Farms, being certified by the American Humane Association has been good for its chickens, its business, and its customers.

In 2001, Springer Mountain Farms became the world’s first poultry producer to be awarded use of the American Humane Certified label. The decision to apply for certification was a logical outgrowth of the company’s concern for the humane treatment of farm animals, as well as its philosophy about healthy practices to ensure a quality product.
All Springer Mountain Farms brand chicken products are covered under the American Humane certification program.  All farms and facilities are located within a 60-mile radius of Baldwin, GA, and every single one of them has met the American Humane farm animal welfare certification standards.
Springer Mountain Farms feeds its chickens a pesticide-free, vegetarian diet without the use of antibiotics, steroids, growth stimulants or hormones, which is one of the two major factors that loyal customers attribute the delicious taste of the chicken. The other factor is the low-stress environment associated with following the American Humane certification standards.