Chef Todd Gray

Equinox - Washington, DC

Since opening Equinox in 1999, Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray have risen to the top of Washington DC’s vibrant culinary scene, and created one of the area’s most popular restaurants built on their inventive interpretation of American cuisine, sophisticated style and standards of excellence in all they do.

Today, their shared passion for comfortable fine dining and overall support of community have made them leading lights and a formidable force among Washington DC restaurateurs.  For more than a decade, the co-owners of Equinox have remained steadfast in their commitment to seasonality and sustainable farming … supporting local farmers within a 100-mile radius of Washington, DC, and using only the freshest, local dairy products and vegetables as well as their own line of Black Angus beef from Warrenton, Virginia.

“Adhering to humane principles is a natural for me, my wife and our entire staff. It’s something that represents the very fabric of our organization. Many of our employees tell me they chose to work at Equinox because of these values and countless customers tell me they chose to dine with us because of our humane practices and overall philosophy. It’s remarkable that so much of our clientele share our beliefs; additionally we gain many new customers due to our compassionate values.”

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